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Béatrice de Fays, alias B2Fays, is a Franco-Belgian artist who works between France and India. She mixes different media: paintings, comics, augmented reality, video projections, local or network interactive installations, …

Her childhood, between France and Belgium, is accompanied by the presence of a Buddha from the Indian salon of Jean Robie, African sculptures linked to the life of her father, and works opening up on the spiritualities of the whole world that she eagerly discovers in Art magazines.

In 1984, she realizes that only creation can allow her to evolve in a universe, which then seems incomprehensible to her. Wishing to free herself from the dictates of the institutional art of the time, and from the academicism of the painters linked to her family (Jean Robie et Balthazar-François Tasson-Snel), she refuses to integrate into a school of Art and began her self-taught career in Paris.

She chooses a popular narrative mode (comics, graphics…), and the dematerialized images of the first graphic palettes of the time.

Her first comic strip is published by Philippe Manoeuvre of Humanoïdes associés. Her works then appeared in magazines (including Métal Hurlant), fanzines, and on television. In 1985 she participated in the first exhibition showing images made with graphic palettes “Palettes Pauvres – Images Riches” at the Center George Pompidou / Paris France. In 1987, she was selected at the SIGGRAPH Art Show / California USA. In 1988, she exhibited at the Ministry of Culture / Paris France.

The transition from comics to painting follows a publication in the comic strip newspaper Zoulou in 1986. An art lover orders a painting on canvas 3 meters long from a box of the published comic.

This painting on a human scale and the involvement of the whole body to achieve it makes the artist aware of the positive impact of this medium on the totality of her being (physical and psychic). Following this experience, she detaches herself from digital images, to confront herself exclusively with pictorial material.

Close to the Figuration Libre movement, her narrative, colorful and frontal works question human relationships, the beauty of beings, and the horror that sometimes hides under appearances, celebration, and loneliness, the poetic and wild world of urban universes. By seeking complementarity, she confronts opposites: oppositions / relationships, destruction / construction, interiority / exteriority.

Claiming an authentic art, close to life and people, she favors places of underground diffusion (nightclub, restaurants, fanzine, TV, cinema, street…). She exhibited in the mythical Parisian club Les Bains Douches, decorated the Le Boy nightclub, and created posters and armchairs for the Max Linder Panorama cinema….

In 1994, wishing to engage more in an inner search, she radically changed her style and technique. She abandons frontal and narrative graphics, to inscribe layer by layer a succession of images in the depth of the canvas, and on large polyptychs.

At the same time, all her paintings are destroyed by a fire! This shock makes her aware of the fragility of the material, and the durability of the artistic experience which transforms the body and the spirit in an immutable way.

She decides to use computers again to integrate the visitor into the creative process and share this experience.

From 1996, during residencies at the CICV Pierre Schaeffer (International Center for Video Creation), she produced multimedia installations, Le Musée Amarrage et Voir (CICV Pierre Schaefer), Matière première / Raw material (Galerie Donguy) Paris) which question the presence of the visitor and the place of the works.

In 1999, following a research residency at the CNBDI (Centre National de la BD et de l’Image) with her musician partner Lotfi Zitouni, she designed the installation Xposelive, a real-time experience where the visitor becomes actor, subject and spectator of the work in progress. From 1999 to 2006, this installation was presented in different places: Festival Interférences (Belfort), Villette Numérique (Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie – Paris), – Open Source 3 (Gaîté Lyrique – Paris), Le Cube ART 3000 ( Issy Les Moulineaux), …

In 2006, Béatrice de Fays won the “Villa Médicis Hors les Murs” prize in India.

In residence at Espace Mendès France, she started a collaboration with the multimedia artist Mathieu Constans with whom she created the interactive device Digital Palimpsest. This installation, which is based on the concept, scenography, and experience of Xposelive, will be presented at the Center d’Art RURART / Rouillé France, then during a tour in India: IIT Bombay (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Kalahita Art Foundation / Hyderabad – Shrishti Art School / Bangalore.

From then on, Béatrice de Fays worked between Asia and Europe: paintings, interactive multimedia installations, projections on accumulation, and augmented reality spaces.

In 2008, she designed a device composed of two interactive networked installations between La Géode (La Cité des Sciences – Paris), and the Nehru Science Center (Mumbai – India) where visitors meet, interact, and create together, in real-time. , 7000 km away.

She then exhibited in Brussels in Belgium (Hôtel de Ville Saint Gilles, Galerie Arielle d’Hauterives, European Commission), in Manila in the Philippines, in New Delhi, Hyderabad, Pondicherry, and Mumbai in India (Goethe Zentrum, Kalakriti Art Gallery, World Design Assembly, India Habitat Centre, …), and in Hong-Kong (PMQ Central),

She designs workshops: Digital Palimpsest (Espace Mendès France – Poitiers France), Through Layers Of Memory (PMQ Central – Hong-Kong), Via Présence (Village of Gudipudi – Andra-Pradesh, Village of Pattanur – Tamil Nadu – India)

These paintings are part of several Indian collections: Park Hyatt Hyderabad, Novotel Vijayawada Varun, Rajiv Gandhi International Airport Hyderabad, and private individuals.

Exposition collective / sélection

  • 2019 – World Design Assembly – Installation interactive Hyderabad Inde
  • 2019 – India Habitat Centre – Photosphere Festival – Installation interactive New-Delhi Inde
  • 2014 – Alliance Française de Pondichery – Installation interactive – Via Puduchery – Pondichery Inde
  • 2012 – Commission Européenne – Geniarts – Bruxelles Belgique
  • 2010 – Hôtel de Ville Saint Gilles – Installation interactive Trace de Robie – Bruxelles Belgique
  • 2007 – Centre d’Art RURART – Installation interactive Digital palimpsest – Rouillé France
  • 2006 – Le Cube ART3000 – Performance Xposelive Cube – Issy les Moulineaux France
  • 2004 – Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie – Villette numérique – Performance Xposelive – Paris France
  • 2003 – Gaîté Lyrique – Open Source 3 – Performance Xpose toi – Paris France
  • 2000 – CICV Pierre Schaeffer Festival Interférences – Performance Xpose Interférences – Belfort France
  • 1999 – Centre Georges Pompidou – Technoparade – Paris France
  • 1997 – CICV Schaeffer Festival Terre Blanche – Installation multimédia Musée amarrage – Belfort France
  • 1987 – Siggraph Art Show – Californie USA
  • 1985 – Forum mondial des femmes – Nairobi Afrique
  • 1984 – Centre Georges Pompidou – Palettes pauvres – Images riches – Paris France

Exposition personnelle / sélection

  • 2021 – Park Hyatt Hyderabad – Peintures/ Réalité augmentée –space – Inde
  • 2017 – Lloyd Laboratories – Manille Philippines
  • 2015 – PMQ Central – Through Layers of Memory – Hong-Kong China
  • 2015 – Goethe Zentrum / Kalakriti Art gallery / Alliance Française – Nomads of Memory – Hyderabad Inde
  • 2013 – Park Hyatt Hyderabad – Installation interactive Via Presence – Hyderabad Inde
  • 2012 – Galerie Arielle d’Hauterives – Bruxelles Belgique
  • 2011 – Kalakriti Art Gallery – Installation interactive Via Presence in Hyderabad – Hyderabad Inde
  • 2008 – Nehru Science centre <> La Géode Cité des Sciences – Installations interactives en réseau Paris France <> Bombay Inde
  • 2006 – Espace Mendès-France – Installation interactive Digital palimpsest – Poitiers France
  • 2007 – IIT Bombay / Kalahita Art foundation / Shrishti Art School – Installation interactive – Bombay / Hyderabad / Bangalore Inde
  • 2005 – Galerie MR – Angoulême France
  • 1999 – Galerie Donguy – Installation multimédia Matière première / Raw material – Paris France
  • 1993 – Galerie Art & Patrimoine – Paris France
  • 1990 – Galerie Charles & André Bailly – Paris France
  • 1988 – Ministère de la Culture – Paris France
  • 1987>1988 – Clubs – Paris France

BD – Illustration / sélection

  • Métal hurlant • Zoulou • Rigolo • PLGP • Arts n°5 Ministre culture • 7 à Paris • Télérama • Marie-Claire • Jardin des modes

Animation vidéo

  • 1987 – TV TF1 – La une est à vous • 1985 – TV France 2 – Fit ou double (Festival International de l’Industrie et de la Technologie)

Vente aux enchères

  • 2001/1999 – Maître Péron – Barbizon • 1990 – Maître Rogeon – Drouot Paris • 1989/88/87 – Maîtres Binoches & Godeau – Drouot Paris

Prix – Bourse

  • 2009 – Suman Art Theatres – Ugadi Talent AwardsIndia
  • 2006 – CulturesFrance – Lauréate du programme Villa Médicis Hors les Murs en Inde – Institut Français
  • 1987 – Prix Ressort des Arts et de la Créativité – France

2018 – Hotel Novotel Vijayawada Varun – Vijayawada Inde
2017 – Aéroport Rajiv Gandhi International – Hyderabad Inde
2012 – Hotel Park Hyatt Hyderabad – Hyderabad Inde



Bernard Bats (Director)
Mathieu Constans (Multimedia Artist)
Guillaume Evrard (Programmer)
Jacques Labarrière (Composer)
Pierre Lange (Composer)
Abhilash Ningappa (Dancer)
Philip Samartzis (Composer)
Gireesh Thumath Ayappu (Dancer)
Lotfi Zitouni (Composer).

Mukhtiar Ali, Baba Anand, Minam Apang, Vasumathi Badrinathan, Gregory Beller, Daniel Boursin, Nathalie Brissonnet, Dirty Dezer, Francis Faber, André Fertier, Ishan Ghosh, Chantal Jumel, Migwel, Kefli One, Blaise Patrix, Rajyashree Ramamurth, Vidya Rao, Eric Recordier, Prahlad Singh Tipanya, Louise Vantalon, Velu Viswanadhan.